A fresh and fruitful Experience Design Studio. Pioneers of #sexyservicedesign. 

We are currently on a temporary hiatus and not taking on any new people or projects. 

We will be back in the New Year (2018) with a new flavour. Make sure to follow our insta!

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Our Services 


Experience Design

~ We specialise in physical user-experiences ~

Experience Design is the practice of designing products, services, events and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience. 

We work directly with everyday people to understand how they think and behave. What they like, and what they dislike. We create outcomes that people love to touch and interact with, in order to create lasting and meaningful experiences. 

From public consultation workshops, through to interactive exhibitions and parties in laundrettes. We apply our user-led design innovation approach to creating experiences in a variety of contexts. 

We have created Exhibitions for Edinburgh International Science Festival, conferences for the Scottish Government, speculative prison rehabilitations systems for Fujitsu, and immersive shopping experiences for customers at Intu Brehead. Browse through our portfolio for more examples of experience design in action, or book us in for a presentation and we'll demonstrate our powers! 

Design Research Hand

Design Research

Research is at the heart of what we do. We work with people to understand their experiences. How they interact with each other, and how they interact with the world around them engaging with existing products, services and environments. 

We specialise in capturing rich qualitative data. We spend time with people, observing them, shadowing them, and speaking with them. We implement methods that combine ethnography and design, to create research methods that are designed for the research participants, to derive insights and stories that quantitative data will never tell.

From co-design workshops, through to community engagement film production, we combine our visual communication skills with designed tools, methods and facilitation to deliver beautiful research data that holds value for your organisation, enabling the next steps towards creating meaningful change. 

We have designed the tools, methods and approaches to exploring the future of higher education with the Glasgow School of Art, the qualities of great leadership with the Scottish Government, and nature of gender identity development and desire in adolescence for the Institute of Design Innovation

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Visual Communication

We have many years industry experience in graphic design, illustration and art direction. We combine these practices into the umbrella term Visual Communication, which is the practice of developing a visual language, identity and aesthetic, targeted towards specified audiences, and communicable across a range of contemporary platforms and devices. 

From experimental adaptive branding, through to bespoke government reports, we place a strong emphasis on beautiful, forward thinking aesthetics, and embed this within all projects we undertake at SLAPS. 

We have created a unique seasonally adaptive brand identity for the Institute of Design Innovation, a colourful brand PVC branded raincoat for AR1 Group, and an unapologetically geeky Instagram feed for tech blog Appcessories. For more examples of our work browse through our portfolio below.

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Our Process

Many of the challenges presented to us require new ideas - things that have yet to exits. Coming up with new ideas involves a mixture of creative thinking, strategy and the ability to construct prototypes or visualise concepts. This is the process of Design. We are super geeky when it comes to talking about design methods, processes and approaches. So we have written a blog post specifically on our own process.You can read it here. 

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Who We Are

Slaps was co-founded by Italian Product Designer Giulia Fiorista, and Welsh Service Designer Ed White in spring 2016. We work out of a small studio in Glasgow city centre, and when we are not occupied with design challenges, we can often be found running or drawing in the city. 

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Our Process