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Posted by Giulia / 13th February 2017


From our background in Product Design,
and our obsession for plastic constructions...
Showcasing the Best of the Past
This comes from the year 2013.

Gotham Ring is a sculpture made out of methacrylate and optical fibers. The Gotham Ring is entirely made by hand, in a composition of 6 pieces made out of cast acrylic resin. The resin started life as a solid block, and was shaped through the use of a variety of tools and machining methods. Six optical fibers flow over the structure to resembling a bridge. They can be illuminated using a switch on the side. The components are all adjustable and replaceable.

The project started as a research enquiry into the aesthetics of modernist and utopian architectures, inspired by the work of artists such as Hugh Ferris and Antonio Sant’Elia. It saught to resemble a mini-landscape wrapped in dark dreamlike cities.

The Gotham Ring was exhibited at the New Academy of Fine Arts show during Milan Design Week 2013.

1 Anello Spento
1 Anello Acceo
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Looking East From The Top Of The Wayne Building By Anton Furst
Looking West From Across The Gotham River By Anton Furst