We work with clients from all around the world based in our Glasgow city centre studio. If you would like to talk to us about a project, or hear more about our work, please get in touch... 

Slaps Story

SLAPS began in 2015 with a playful collaboration between Ed White and Giulia Fiorista, two designers who wanted to explore the role of design in shaping desirable product and service experiences.

The collaboration resulted in a set of sex-themed construction toys, two PhD applications, and £120,000 of future research funding.

Diverting their academic path towards an entrepreneurial adventure, the designers set about exploring how design and desire can work together with business to transform the nature of product and service experiences, and create happier and healthier organisations through Design Innovation and Service Design. 


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Every Sunday we run a drawing club at various locations in and around Glasgow. The club is open to everyone and anyone who wants to improve their drawing/observation skills. We post event details on our Facebook page, make sure to give us a like/follow for future events and updates.